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Due to the current limitations of drone technology, our innovations will greatly impact not only current but future industry applications. HyperHalo UAV can greatly impact the following fields with greater payloads, increased flight times and onboard power generation:

Scientific – ability to carry greater scientific payloads in more adverse wind / weather conditions.


Security/Surveillance – ability to fly for 10+ hrs.Check and survey landmarks, train stations, critical Infrastructure, private facilities and events. Ability to have extended monitoring of crowds or traffic for facial recognition and Ai enhanced applications.


Agriculture – Monitor, track and log livestock positions, temperatures and well-being. Can be used by outback stations / cattle farms without the need to herd and return livestock back to the farm for analysis.


Search and Rescue – In conjunction with standard Infrared/Hyperspectral cameras, HyperHalo UAV can search expansive space and deep ravines, long after humans have retired due to failing daylight.


Emergency Response and First Responders – ability to  deliver first aid utilities to victims of accidents etc.


Military/Defence – Extended surveillance ability, ultra high agility for ballistics avoidance, extended flight time and stability for extended laser targeting requirements. Pursuit, tracking and neutralisation of vehicles via EMP pulse.


Municipality – Inspection of critical infrastructure, dam walls, powerlines and sub stations, extended flight times and control would allow for speed camera detection as well as capturing drivers on mobile devices whilst driving.


Police, Fire and Ambulance – Used as a pursuit UAV to track, monitoring of felony vehicles. Able to be deployed to detect and combat small fires as a first response. Ability to combat terrorism without putting officers/public in harms way. Generation of power also allows for flying Spot or Flood lights to aid Police, Fire and Ambulance.


Mining – Higher payloads, range and flight times would expand on an already exploited market for mining activities and prospecting.


Logistics – True capacity, range and flight times could now realise these long-anticipated ambitions for Drone delivery.


Cinematography – Extended flight times, Speed FFF (fast forward flight) for tracking fast moving scenes. The ability to fly with camera suspended but also to fly upside down to have the camera on top for certain scenes. (Hyper Halo can fly upside down with equal thrust/capacity).


Terrestrial Mapping (GOOGLE) – Long range, stationary and capacity can allow for enhanced 3D mapping to augment satellite/GPS data.


Surveying – Long flight times and greater Stability/Control would allow for surveying in more diverse conditions. 

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