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About Us

We are a small start up, located in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. In just a few short years we have created advanced prototypes and navigated patents pending in 5 major countries. Australia, USA, China, Japan and European Union (including UK). 

Joey Chan Mechanical Engineer at HyperHalo.jpg
Bachelor of Engineering Mechanical & Computing
Director & Founder of HyperHalo

20+ years experience in industrial automation and robotics who has a passion for mechanical design. Having worked in Australia and overseas as a design specialist for Bosch, he is now focusing on advancing UAV technology.

Stephen McDonald HyperHalo.jpg
Business Manager

17+ years experience in the commercial construction industry encompassing design and business management. As an investor in HyperHalo, Stephen has a keen interest in developing the business further. 

OUR MISSION: To seek out enthusiastic investors and /or strategic partnerships to take our start up to commercialisation.

We are also seeking BETA testers to help us develop the HyperHalo technology in specific industries. 

HyperHalo Steve & Joey
HyperHalo precision
HyperHalo size
HyperHalo engineering
HyperHalo adjustments 1
HyperHalo adjustments 2
HyperHalo adding screws
HyperHalo Steve & Joey
HyperHalo engineering 2
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